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Tod Nielsen, CEO of Borland

Tod Nielsen and Chris Caposella yuck it up in the 'Challenge Me!' skit at Microsoft's Visual FoxPro Devcon, Orlando, 1993Borland Appoints Tod Nielsen as New President and CEO. Tod Nielsen and Chris Caposella yucked it up in the ‘Challenge Me!’ skit at Microsoft’s Visual FoxPro Devcon, Orlando, 1993. They were the marketing team for Microsoft’s new at the time acquisition, Visual FoxPro. He rose through the company’s marketing arm, but spilt a few years ago after a term as vice president of the platform and developer group in 2000. He joined CrossGain as CEO but was temporarily benched as part of a Microsoft non-compete violation controversy. Next, he was the the chief marketing officer at BEA, a job he left Aug 24, 2004 to “pursue other interests”. I last noticed Tod at Oracle.

Tod’s a sharp guy, and Borland a company with a lot of history and potential. Hope it works out well for both!

Taming Visual FoxPro SQL: Real World Data Solutions in VFP, the latest from Hentzenwerke

Well, Hentzenwerke Publishing has announced Tamar E. Granor and della Martin’s latest work, “Taming Visual FoxPro SQL: Real World Data Solutions in VFP,” available for purchase and download (in PDF format) from the Hentzewerke site. Follow the link above for more information, a table of contents, sample chapter (not yet posted) and ordering information. Looking forward to reading this one. Whil Hentzen writes,

“You know how once in a while you run into a book that grows on you – each time you read it, there seems to be more in there than the last time you picked it up?… 152 pages of sheer delight. For us programming types, at least. “

Stephen J. Vaughan-Nichols likes Microsoft, well, a little

Stephen J. Vaughan-Nichols is not well-known as a Microsoft fan; on the contrary, he tends to be one of their outspoken critics. So, I was pleased when I saw him praise Microsoft in his recent eWeek opinion column:

I haven’t been a big fan of personal database programs for a long time now. The only one out there these days that I care for at all is Microsoft’s Visual FoxPro. Yes, I can say good things about Microsoft products—when they really are good.

Shipping no WINE before it’s time, twelve years to beta

OSNews notes After 12 Years of Work, WINE is Going Beta. “After roughly 12 years of work, the Wine Project is about to take its widely used Windows translation layer to a place it has not been in all that time: beta. Wine Project leader Alexandre Julliard, who has worked on the software nearly since its beginning in 1993 and maintained it since 1994, said in an interview yesterday that the beta release is “a matter of days away.” He has since updated that forecast and said it would be released on Tuesday, October 25th.”

A remarkable platform, WINE Is Not an Emulator, but rather a thin layer that maps Win32 calls to matching Linux calls, running some applications even faster than on their native OS. Note that Visual FoxPro is a popular item in the Application Database, named to the Top 10 Silver List.

Microsoft VFP 9 Service Pack One available for Public Beta

Alex Feldstein reports Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9 Pulic Beta released. “Microsoft announced that the public Beta of SP1 for Visual FoxPro 9.0 is now available
for free download on msdn.com. The download page has a text file
download with the bug fix list contained in the SP1 beta. Refer to the
download page on msdn.com for more details… As always, being a Beta you should not install it in your production box but in a test unit, although having worked with it for a while I found it to be very stable… Note: If you have one of the community produced VFP9 IDE translations (German, Spanish, Czech, etc.), these translations do not yet work with SP1. We will have to make some minor changes for these when SP1 is released around December 2005.”

Sad News: Drew and Brent Speedie

Ted, Tamar, Drew, Whil, Art, BrentVery sad news: Drew Speedie (third from left) and his son, Brent Speedie (right) passed away while on vacation in Yellowstone.

Drew was a very talented man. He worked as the technical editor of “Hacker’s Guide to Visual FoxPro 3” and he helped Tamar and I make the book far better. Drew went on to develop the MaxFrame Professional framework. I used MaxFrame on a number of applications quite successfully. Drew was a contributing editor at FoxPro Advisor magazine where he wrote a number of insightful articles. Drew spoke at many FoxPro conferences around the world, always entertaining, always informative. He often attended the conferences in the company of son Brent and wife Irene.

He will be missed. My condolences to his family.

Randy Brown retires

FoxProWiki notes FoxTeam. Editor comments: Randy Brown – retired September 2005.

Congratulations, Randy! For those new(er) to Foxpro, Randy led a successful and remarkable life as a consultant before joining Microsoft as a Fox/Mac expert and author (Pros Talk Fox 2.5: FoxPro OLE and DDE, FoxPro Machete with Lisa Slater (now Nicholls), Doc Livingston and Andy Griebel.)

Best of luck in your future ventures, Randy!

Internet Content locked in a silo

Years ago, I posted slides and white papers from many Visual FoxPro conferences, and I’ve been adding to this as time allows. Recently, I’ve noticed that a number of the older slides from the years 1997-2001 cannot by viewed from most browsers. Attempting to open the link here, [Edit:bad link fixed] for example results in an error message “This presentation contains content that your browser may not be able to show properly. This presentation was optimized for more recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer… If you would like to proceed anyway, click here. ”

This “error” occurs in Safari 2.01, FireFox 1.06, and Camino 0.8. Opera 8.02 attempts to open the files, but ends up with a set of black-background frames with slide titles and broken graphic links but no content. IE6/Win opens and displays the content, with handy little widgets.

Looking under the hood, these are former PowerPoint presentations converted using a version of Microsoft Office. As time allows, I’ll reload the original presentations in OpenOffice.org and repost the slides in a format that all can use.

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