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FireFox 1.0.2 released

Get Firefox!The FoxProWiki notes that FireFox 1.0.2 is released

Tools | Options | Software Update | Check Now

should start the download. (It doesn’t appear that the Mac version is ready yet, but use FireFox | Preferences instead of Tools | Options ). If you don’t already have it installed, start at http://www.mozilla.org to check out all the cool products: FireFox, Thunderbird, the Mozilla Suite, Camino and more.

Note that you will need to restart FireFox to complete the re-install. This patch addresses a GIF buffer-overflow security problem, not yet exploited in the wild, supposedly.

OpenFox.org gets closed

Paul McNett has run OpenFox.org as a Wiki for people wanting to run FoxPro on platforms other than Windows. Unfortunately, according to a note on the home page, Paul has had to take down the site due to spammers. He does, however, point to other links that contain great information on this, including WineHQ and his own web site.

With the recent VFP9 EULA (I still haven’t seen it online), someone asked if that meant that VFP is dead on Linux. Frankly, I’ve always thought of it as more of a parlor trick than a viable platform for development. I mean, if the vendor really doesn’t want to run on the many other operating systems out there, that is their choice, even if they are cutting off their nose to spite their face. The other answer is one that Paul points out in the white paper on his site: you don’t need to run VFP 9 or 8 or even 7 to get most of the benefits of VFP. If you are running (or at least distributing) VFP 6 level applications, the EULA had no noxious requirements about the operating system. As always, you should consult a lawyer about this, but it looks good to me…

Visual FoxPo 9.0 hits the streets

Visual FoxPro 9.0 now in retail channel!.

“Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 finally hit the streets! It comes in a sleek DVD-case. Rick spotted it at FoxToolbox.com and other retailers.”

(Via fiat volpes) Via Alex Feldstein

Now, has anyone seen the End User Licensing Agreement posted online? I’ve been told that the “upgrade” version no longer has the requirement that previous versions must be removed from your machine, as earlier EULAs did. Since the “Version Upgrade” costs around half as much as the full product, this is an important question.

If it’s the second Tuesday, it must be time for Microsoft patches!

“Microsoft issues five bulletins on Windows flaws. Microsoft today released five Security Bulletins warning of several vulnerabilities that put computers running Windows at risk of attack. None are rated “critical,” Microsoft’s highest severity rating.” Source: Computerworld News

The bulletins, MS04-41, MS04-42, MS04-43, MS04-44, MS04-45 are somehow listed as “important” rather than “critical despite the fact that the compromises can “allow remote code execution,” “elevation of privileges” and denial of service. I’d hate to see what “really, really important” meant!

Also note that Microsoft “re-released” MS04-28, version 2, where a problem in GDI+ and JPEG processing can affect nearly every recent application, including Visual FoxPro 8.0. Shouldn’t a three-month lag between release and update qualify the sequel of the original security announcement for its own number? Not in Microsoft twisted logic, apparently. Make sure your systems are patched up to date!

It’s the 51st week of the year.

FoxForum Wiki and FoxCentral RSS feeds redirected

As part of learning about RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and to encourage the Fox community to take up RSS news aggregation, I developed and hosted four feeds of interest to the Visual FoxPro community: both RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0 feeds for the http://www.foxcentral.net and FoxForum Wiki (http://fox.wikis.com). These served as the basis for my presentations in 2003 and 2004 on RSS (see http://www.tedroche.com/papers.html).

As both of the sites have now created native feeds for RSS, I’ve turned off the applications that generate the feeds on this site, and redirected requests for those feeds that hit my web server to their updated sites. If you are having problems with your news aggregator picking up the new feed, please visit the sites directly and follow the links there to resubscribe. Thanks for your patronage. Glad I was able to give back a bit to the community that has been so supportive.

Is a Wiki under your radar?

Chad Dickerson, columnist of InfoWorld’s CTO Connection, asks “Is Wiki under your radar?” For those of us in the FoxPro world, we’ve had the benefit of the FoxForum Wiki for several years, an excellent resource and knowledgebase for all things FoxPro related.

For those of you not in the know, you’ve got to try a wiki! A wiki is an interactive web site where readers can add, edit, modify, comment, attach and build web pages. I’ve used wikis for knowledgebases, project tracking, Honey-Dew lists, curriculum development and even blogging. Wikis are available in nearly every programming language, every OS. You can make it as secure and restrictive or open as you want. Many are free and open source.

Anand switches and likes what he sees

A Month with a Mac: A Die-Hard PC User’s Perspective. A die-hard PC user’s perspective on Macs, by AndandTech. [OSNews]

You can’t find a more die-hard PC user than Anand Lal Shimpi, proprietor of the very popular hardware review website AnandTech. In the interests of fairness, Anand tried switching, and he was pretty impressed with what he saw on the Apple side of the fence. It’s a long article, but worth the read if you’re considered a walk on the wild side. His conclusions are difficult to sum up fairly, but he does think that more people should consider the platform. With Office (or OpenOffice.org) and Safari (or Camino), great mail clients and a lot of available software, the Mac should certainly be considered as a second home machine if you *really* require PC compatibility for something like FoxPro.

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