Tuesday, 19 March, 2002

The private MVP newsgroups have had some fascinating discussions on wireless, although I’m a little concerned with setting something up on the home office LAN. A high school is 100 yards away, through the backyard. Reports of 802.11b cracking of WEP-protected WLANs makes me concerned. Until today, I thought my choices were limited to 802.11 flavors a and b, with a faster, more expensive, but just as insecure. Today, I ran into HomeRF (link broken), which apparently has been around for a couple of years, and HiperLAN/2 (link broken), a European import, and power-line based home lans from Linksys. TMI – too much information!

Another item of interest today is http://www.books24x7.com, a place to read books online, for a fee. The annual fee, $299 for an individual, may sound stiff, but that’s only 6 books at $50 a year. I easily go through that many. Worth considering.

Another CoolLink for those with too much time on their hands: “The Sad Parable of OS/2” – some very good PC History, not too much Microsoft-bashing. Interesting stuff.


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