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Static versus dynamic web sites

I don’t think there are any static sites on the internet. They are either growing and changing, or rotting away. Decay is a dynamic process, too. Sites need to be refreshed. I have a eleven-year-old blog (next month), and have found most of the links in the first couple of years have rotted away, and need attention. I need to update the underlying OS, web server, runtime language and site application. Vendors and the community provide updates and security patches.

If I visit a site and it’s in HTML 4.01 with marquees and animated GIFs of envelopes flying into mailboxes, I make some (pretty severe) judgments about the proprietors. If the owners hard-coded their names, addresses and contact info into all the pages, they will always, always miss one of them when they update.

So, while your content, organization and basic layout may not change THAT OFTEN, they’ll need changing, so why not use a dynamic engine that will make it easy?

Joi Ito’s Three years with ICANN

Joi Ito has a lot of history in developing and supporting and running commercial businesses leading during the internet boom and, like many of us, suspected that “it was all ICANN’s fault,” and that they should get out of the way. Unlike most of us, Joi had the opportunity to do something about it, as a member of ICANN and in his post Three years with ICANN, he learns that change might not be as simple nor easy as many of us think:

With all of its tumultuous history and bumps and warts, ICANN, in my opinion, is the best way that we can manage names and numbers on the Internet and any new thing to try to do what it does would be less fair and probably wouldn’t work.

Thanks for trying, Joi, and thanks for letting us know.

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