Tuesday, 26 March, 2002

Forgot to mention, as part of setting up the Twiki, that I needed access to text configuration files in Unix format – CR only, no line feed. On the Twiki site, there was a recommendation for the freeware Programmers File Editor, PFE, http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/people/steveb/cpaap/pfe/ It worked great out of the box, with no issues. Looks like it has a zillion features. Hope to get the time to dig into it.

Added [Next] and [Previous] links to the blogs, manually for now, but eventually via a template, I hope.

Yesterday, I bought nearly everything I needed for a wireless network. All LinkSys components, from Best Buy: Access Point (WAP11), PC Card (WPC11), PCI card (WMP11) and USB Adaptor (WUSB11, v 2.5). Psyched to get it all assembled, but want to make sure to flash the firmware to the latest version, get the latest drivers, and set it up securely from the beginning.

All done. Two hours of careful manual reading, downloading and updating, and I’m updating the Wiki with no wires attached to the laptop. Wireless rocks!

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