Microsoft Releases Windows XP Service Pack 2 to Manufacturing

Yes, WinXPSP2 RTM’d.

Microsoft comes through with Windows Service Pack 2.
“After some last-minute waxing and buffing, Microsoft finally sent its
Windows XP Service Pack 2 to manufacturing early Friday. The product is
expected to be available shortly through the Windows Updates feature in
Windows XP, company officials said.” [InfoWorld: Top News]

Garrett Fitzgerald’s Blog advices: “Getting your website ready for XP SP2.
If your website uses scripting or ActiveX controls, your users may have
trouble with it after they upgrade to Windows XP Service Pack 2.
Microsoft recently published a guide to updating your site so that it works properly for SP2 users. With the release of SP2 widely reported as “imminent”, now would be a good time…”

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