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Steve Gilmor moves blog addresses

If you’re tracking Steve Gilmor’s postings, his address has moved: As I was saying. “The last time I posted, some four months ago, it was to my blog over on Podcasting was a gleam in Adam Curry’s eye, Scoble had read 8,248 fewer posts, and John Dvorak was just months away from being totally clueless once again.” Posted at | Steve Gillmor’s Inforouter. Attitude seems to have remained the same… good to see.

Microsoft EULAs and Benchmarks

Get the Facts on Microsoft Benchmarks. “Now that Steve Ballmer and company have given you all the facts you need to compare Windows and Linux, allow me to add just one little tidbit.” Posted at Ed Foster’s Gripelog

Apple Posts Security Update 2004-10-27

ComputerWorld reports “Apple Computer yesterday posted Security Update 2004-10-27, which includes an updated version of Apple Remote Desktop v1.2.4 running on Mac OS X v10.3.” Article at,4902,97020,00.html?nlid=MAC

The major fix seems to be for the Apple Remote Desktop Client. There’s also an update for QuickTime on the Windows platform – Check Help | Update on the QuickTime player menu to ensure you have the latest version. More details at the Apple site,

MySQL 4.1 released as production-ready

MySQL Version 4.1 Certified as Production-Ready. “MySQL announced the general availability of MySQL 4.1. Certified by the company as production-ready for large-scale enterprise deployment, this significant upgrade to the MySQL database server features advanced querying capabilities through subqueries, faster and more secure client-server communication, new installation and configuration tools, and support for international character sets and geographic data.”

Posted from OSNews

Windows v. Linux security: the real facts

Operating System Security, a Clear Winner.

  • Nicholas Petreley (The Register): Windows v Linux security: the real facts. “Reliance on a single metrics is a major feature of Microsoft’s Get the Facts campaign, and this is perhaps understandable if we consider what the campaign is. It is essentially a marketing-driven campaign intended to ‘get the message across’ with data used to back up the message (note that Microsoft would not necessarily disagree with us here). However, by their nature marketing campaigns push specific, favourable headline items and magnify their significance. They do not necessarily (even usually) accurately reflect the underlying data, and frequently outrun it by some distance. And this process is actually easily illustrated by the Forrester report we linked to earlier on. Get the Facts pulls out the 100 per cent fix and fewest vulnerabilities bullets, while the report itself talks of its use of three metrics and (if we’re doing headline items) also says: “ICAT classified 67% of Microsoft’s vulnerabilities as high severity, placing Microsoft dead last among the platform maintainers in this [high severity] metric.”
  • From Dan Gillmor’s eJournal

    Joel Speaks, Microsoft Listens, Mary Jo Queries

    Joel Speaks. Microsoft Listens.. “Joel Spolsky, as in the Joel of “Joel on Software” fame, recently chatted with Microsoft Watch about his now-infamous essay “How Microsoft Lost the API War,” as well as on lots of other items of interest to those in the Microsoft ecosystem.” Link from Microsoft Watch from Mary Jo Foley

    I’ve quoted Joel on this blog and in other forums more than a few times. It looks like an interesting interview…

    Electoral Vote Predictor 2004

    Want to bite your nails right until the last minute? This is the closest race I can recall, even more volatile than the disaster of 2000. Watch daily as the site updates with the most recent survey results, and converts them into the only units that matter: Electoral College votes.

    Microsoft details seven new patches

    Yes, it’s that time of month again, the second Tuesday, when Microsoft releases their monthly list of patches. Quite a bunch this month, with several patches rated “Critical” with a threat of “Remote Code Execution” (“all your base belong to us.”) Get patching!. Microsoft releases fixes for seven ‘critical’ vulnerabilities. Windows users need to prepare for ‘patch Tuesday,’ analyst says. [Computerworld News]

    Anand switches and likes what he sees

    A Month with a Mac: A Die-Hard PC User’s Perspective. A die-hard PC user’s perspective on Macs, by AndandTech. [OSNews]

    You can’t find a more die-hard PC user than Anand Lal Shimpi, proprietor of the very popular hardware review website AnandTech. In the interests of fairness, Anand tried switching, and he was pretty impressed with what he saw on the Apple side of the fence. It’s a long article, but worth the read if you’re considered a walk on the wild side. His conclusions are difficult to sum up fairly, but he does think that more people should consider the platform. With Office (or and Safari (or Camino), great mail clients and a lot of available software, the Mac should certainly be considered as a second home machine if you *really* require PC compatibility for something like FoxPro.

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