Lenovo not offering Linux

Slashdot post: Lenovo To Shun Linux. dominique_cimafranca writes “CRN reports that Lenovo will not install or support the Linux operating system on any of its PCs.”

That's a disappointment. However, I never looked to IBM for support of the various RedHat, Fedora and Ubuntu installations I've installed on the laptop. Sites like Linux-laptop.net are great for getting the various non-standard laptop devices working. And if I was searching for a pre-installed version, I'd likely go to Emperor Linux for a fully-installed and -configured machine.

Even though I've beat the daylights out of it, my ThinkPad A31p has been a great laptop. Laura swears by the TrackPoint navigation and after fumbling with it for the first few weeks, I don't notice I'm using it any more, either. Lenovo still seems to be making the ThinkPad line with the red TrackPoint navigator, but we'll have to snap one up quick if they decide to discontinue them. Sadly, it doesn't appear that anyone else offers them.

It's getting to be time for me to start thinking about a new laptop, as the ThinkPad will be celebrating it's 4th birthday this summer. I've managed to flash-fry the wireless mini-PCI card, shear off one of the lid hinge screws, overheat it with a second 7200 rpm drive, short out the USB ports and just recently lost the backlight. Like the one-eyed, three-legged dog joke, I think I'll nickname it “Lucky.”

So, the next machine? I'm shopping

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