MerriLUG, 20 July, SELinux

The Nashua Linux User Group meets this Tursday, and will feature a great presentation on SELinux. Hope to see you there!

MerriLUG announcement follows:

  • Who : Daniel J Walsh, Lead SELinux Engineer, Redhat
  • What : SELinux for Dummies
  • Where: Martha's Exchange
  • Day : Thur 20 July
  • Time : 6:00 PM for grub, 7:30 PM for workshop

:: Overview

Dan starts with an overview of SELinux: How is it different? Who should use it? What are the benefits for home users, small businesses, and non-server installations? Is installation and maintenance comparable with regular Linux distributions?

After establishing the application scope and benefits, Dan will cover the utilities, commands, administration, and general use of SELinux. You will learn how to use it, not just turn it off!

Driving directions:


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