GNHLUG in 2008, a retrospective by the numbers

I’ve added a link to the GNHLUG PastEvents page that provides a comma-separated file listing all the events from calendar year 2008. Some interesting highlights:

  • Despite under-counting or -reporting of many events, we recorded attendance of 589 people, total, at GNHLUG events. This looks to be down a bit from last year, but I know I didn’t post as many numbers as last year. And it’s almost the same as 2006. Worth watching.
  • The best attended event of the year (30) was the GNHLUG cookout. Thanks to Bruce Dawson and Carole Soule for hosting the event!
  • Tied for second (at 22) were:
  • The bronze medal goes to Máirí­n Duffy’s Photographic Prowess (MerriLUG ,20)
  • Honorable Mentions:

In terms of cumulative attendance, MerriLUG was on top as usual:

This is certainly a measuring issue, too: I record CentraLUG’s numbers every time, but many groups only infrequently post their numbers. Finally, by average attendance, a few numbers change, pointing out the many unreported ??? posted to the web page, and also reflected the varied numbers of times each group met:

  • DLSLUG: 16.25
  • MerriLUG: 14
  • PySIG: 10
  • SLUG: 7.67
  • MonadLUG: 7.13
  • CentraLUG: 6.92
  • RubySIG: 5.33

If anyone would like to work with the data, you’ll find the CSV linked here (below the heading for each year, a link labeled “CSV format”) or linked directly off the bottom of individual year’s pages: 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005. And if anyone is really into it, I’ve got an spreadsheet I’d be glad to share.

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