New Hampshire Ruby / Rails Group, MONDAY, 16 November 2009

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NHRuby is meeting for the last time this year on Monday the 16th at 7pm at RMC Research, 1000 Market Street, Building 2, Portsmouth, NH. Monday?! You say? Yes — due to scheduling conflicts, the regular meeting day for NHRuby is now to the third Monday of the month. Also, since next month’s meeting fell so close to the Christmas holiday, we decided to skip the December meetup and resume in January. So join us for the last meeting of 2009 for two presentations by NHRuby regulars, Nick Plante and Brian Turnbull.

Nick will present EC2, Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud. EC2 is a web service which allows customers to rent virtual server instances by the hour. The real power of EC2 is that it allows you to auto-scale your web applications on demand. Expecting heavy load today? Fire up another web app server or two, with no wait time for procurement, while taking advantage of Amazon’s robust infrastructure.

Making EC2 even more attractive are tools like Matt Conway’s Rubber, a set of extensions to Capistrano that allows you to script procurement and provisioning of server instances as well as deployment of your application itself. Need to set up a staging server? Use Rubber to deploy a disk image, install the necessary stack and utilities, and deploy the appropriate version of your application — in moments — all automatically. In this talk, Nick will quickly discuss the basics you need to know and then dive right into a realtime demo.

Brian will introduce RVM, the Ruby Version Manager. RVM is a command line tool which allows us to easily install, manage, and work with multiple Ruby environments and sets of gems. Topics to be covered include:

  • Installation of RVM on Linux or OS X.
  • Day to day use of RVM to switch between Ruby interpreters
  • Managing sets of gems using Named Gem Sets

If you’ve ever been burned by differences between development and production, you should check out RVM — see how easy it is to take control of your Ruby environment.

So join us on Monday, 16 November at RMC Research for the last meeting of the year. Hope to see you there!

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