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Notes on ViM

The original vi was written in 1976 by Bill Joy. Vim (Vi Improved) was a rewrite/emulation for the Amiga platform (Fred Fish 591). Vim was written and continues to be maintained by Bram Moolenaar.

Bram talks about the Vim philosophy in “The Seven Habits of Effective Text Editing 2.0,” video at Google by Bram:

Efficient Editing with Vim:

Save that file you don’t have rights to (as long as your user has sudo rights):

:w !sudo tee %



One of the most helpful postings I have ever seen on the internet: “Your problem with vim is that you don’t grok vi”


EPILOGUE: Some additional links provided by CentraLUG participants:

Python with a modular IDE

VOom: Vim Outliner of Markers

The story of vi vs. emacs at paintball, perhaps related to this link or this one.

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