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Lessig: Net Neutrality and dependency

In “A Costly Addiction, ” Lawrence Lessig says the debate over Net Neutrality is a lot deeper than whether the telecoms/videocoms/internetcoms get to deliver whatever kind of service they choose by arbitrarily limiting competition to their monopolized wires:

“Of all the things that have not gone according to the framers' plan, perhaps this is the most significant. Practically everyone in Washington, DC, is now dependent in precisely the way our founders feared. All but a few members of Congress devote the majority of their time to raising money for reelection. Doing the job we've hired them to do – governing – takes a distant second place.”

Veteran's Day, 2006

Veteran's Day, 2006: Thanks to all who served, in peacetime and in war, declared and undeclared. Thanks to those who volunteered, and to those who answered the draft. Thanks for fighting to keep us free, a battle we continue at home as well as abroad. Thanks for risking your lives. And thanks to far too many for giving up their lives. Rest in peace and be remembered.

Granite State goes blue

The election results were amazing here. New Hampshire was thought of as the flinty, practical, down-to-earth Yankee Republican bastion of “Live Free or Die.” However, yesterday's election was a landslide for Democrats: Governor Lynch was re-elected by the largest margin ever, the state Senate went Democrat for only the second time since the nineteenth century, the state House of Representatives went blue from red by a huge margin – a first since 1922! – and even the Executive Council, the inner cabal that rules the governor, went Democratic. Both U.S. Reps, incumbent Republicans both, were turned out. It was a tsunami. Best wishes.


JazLaura and I are sad to announce that Jazper left us on May 18th after many years of faithful service. Jaz was a handful, but a happy, energetic, enthusiastic dog.

Jaz had lymphosarcoma and had been under treatment for the last year. He was comfortable right up until the end, and I’m grateful I had the extra time the treatment gave me to appreciate my friend. Jaz will be remembered and missed.

The Great Mother’s Day Floods

New Hampshire’s in a state of emergency this morning. Over 600 roads are closed due to flooding. Towns have reported over 10″ of rain since the storm began last week, and it’s still dripping. Stay safe, stay dry, stay high. Keep off the roads if you can. WMUR Television has a spectacular photo gallery on their website.

Happy Patriot’s Day!

Happy Patriot’s Day!

LISTEN, my children, and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,
On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-Five;
Hardly a man is now alive
Who remembers that famous day and year…

Read the rest at The Paul Revere House website.

Voting Software Glitch Invalidates Local Results

It’s not just the national and statewide election results that are threatened by poor software. Local school district results are endangered too:

“A company that sells and operates vote-counting machines made a mistake programming the machine that tabulated the results of the Monadnock Regional School District election March 14.”

Fortunately, the machine was counting paper ballots so once the glitch was caught, the ballots could be re-run. However, if the vote had been paperless, there might be no way to recapture the initial selections. We need to be awfully careful as we automate voting that both innocent mistakes, as this appeared to be, and malicious tampering isn’t allowed. Publishing the software, vetting and auditing it and the results are necessary. Few processes should be more transparent than voting.

End of an era

On July 15, 1992, I signed up with a CompuServe account. $22.95 a month plus connection charges, if I recall correctly. TapCIS and WinCIM to connect, DOS and Windows. CIS has been my backup service once I got broadband, a dial-up connection when I’m on the road, and finally a spam collector after all my legitimate correspondents had moved along. With the prevalence of wireless and broadband, it was a relic. 13 years and 8 months is a long time to have an email address. I closed it yesterday.

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