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Using SQLite to Bypass the 2 GB .DBF Filesize Limit

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The Hentzenwerke site has been updated, crediting me with editing Whil’s latest ebook, “Using SQLite to Bypass the 2 GB .DBF Filesize Limit.” Whil posits an interesting problem: how to work around the FoxPro 2-gigabyte DBF file limit when the client’s import file balloons in size? In this case, the problem was not that the data had exceeded the limit, but that additional data was included within the import file; more haystack hiding the needles. His solution was to use SQLite as an intermediate step, load in the bloated data, and then cherry-pick the few columns that really needed to be imported for this application. Sample files, instructions on working with SQLite, and example code of importing the SQLite data into VFP are included.
I volunteered to go over his first edition of the ebook and provide a technical review and light edit. I added a few suggestions for alternative techniques, poked at his prose when it got a little awkward, and tested his code and found a few typos. He, in turn, was gracious enough to roll his eyes and ignore my comments. I appreciate him giving me credit as editor on the book.

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