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Friday, 24 May, 2002

Tortured poor Apollo this morning. I had it all set up as a web server, less content, but not yet exposed to the internet. However, I was also setting it up as a SourceOffSite server, but I do not yet have enough licenses for the entire staff. So, I turned it back into a file server, allowing sharing of the SourceSafe data directories (around 2 Gb at this point). It was a little tricky, as there were several places within the interfaces I had to change:

  • Enable the Guest user in Computer Management | Users
  • Enable access over the network for Guest in Security Policies
  • Allow directory access, read/write in the file share properties

Added a bunch of MSKB articles to the WebHome? MSKB and FoxPro? articles. Wish there were an easy way to gather all of them related to VSS and organize and manipulate them locally. I suppose I should install the monthly MSDN Library disks, but they always screw up my machine.

Found the DLL Help Database again – I had lost it for a while. It can be reached at


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