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Thursday, 27 June, 2002

Microsoft’s Palladium is the latest proposal in digital rights management. As an author, I welcome the ability to control the distribution of my document, but as a consumer, I am strongly opposed to anything that will restrict my ability to copy, merge, mix or modify software, paper, tape, CDs or bits. This is an infringement on my ability to do my job. “Personal use” is a principle and not a Constitutional Right, and it is being eroded at an alarming rate. Palladium is a heavy metal poison, a carcinogin, an element, the name of many theaters, a role-playing game and the protective statue that guarded Troy. Microsoft protected Trojans? It does make you wonder. Read more about Palladium here:

Stephen Levy writes for MSNBC:

Slashdot goes crazy:

More follow-up (cross-links from Slashdot):

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Tuesday, 25 June, 2002

Found the best waiting room! While getting my car repaired at Saturn of Manchester, spent two hours in Barnes and Noble, catching up on 2600 magazine, Microsoft’s .NET books, Perl, Zope and Network+ books, and searching the bargain bins. Miraculously, I left the store empty-handed. However, the car repairs more than made up for it 🙁

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Sunday, 23 June, 2002

A cold, wet, rainy Sunday. Perfect to spend a few hours slapping together the rest of the HTML for the GIF version of EssentialSourceSafe. Done. Shipped. Used the Universal Document Converter to convert 432 pages of Word documents to GIFs, after using FoxPro to reformat and re-flow them, and then used FoxPro again to generate HTML wrappers for each of the images. Pretty cool!

Spent the afternoon on the phone with Whil, the publisher.

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Saturday, 22 June, 2002

A totally brutal review of Apple’s new advertising campaign here on the Register.

Generated a GIF-formatted version of EssentialSourceSafe. Way cool.

Thought I had added a bunch more links here, but the editor must have gotten blasted away. Bummer…

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Friday, 21 June, 2002

Summer Solstice! Sunrise: 5:07 Am, sunset 8:30 PM, for the longest day we get in these parts. Yahoo.

Spent the morning fixing up the EssentialSourceSafe PDF, using Adobe Acrobat. Cool program, although the interface was giving me some pretty inconsistent results, no doubt due to my unfamiliarity with the program. Never the less, I was able to produce a pretty nice looking TOC in about two hours.

  • Happy anniversary Microsoft FoxPro!:
    Plane flies over Redmond

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