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Wednesday, 31 July, 2002

There’s an old Bill Cosby routine where he plays Noah and teases his neighbor about the ark is his driveway. “I can’t tell you. Ha, ha, ha.”

Went to the Crabpot in Bellevue with Steve Sawyer, Doug Hennig, Gary DeWitt, Bonnie Berant, Mike Helland and Eric Moore. Nice place, scenic views, good service, good beer, good friends. Ah. A nice end to three busy days. Steve gave me a ride out to SeaTac, and I did the marathon redeye home from there.

.NET Training, Redmond, Brian Randell

Attendees at Microsoft July 2002

Monday, 29 July, 2002

First day of NET training. Drinking from a firehose. Good material. Brian Randell is knowledgable and funny. Material is good, but complex. Will the average Joe Programmer be able to use this stuff? Time will tell.


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Saturday, 27 July, 2002

A busy Saturday. Did a few domestic things, like mow the lawn and turn over the compost, but goofed off a lot, and spent a fair amount of time packing for the trip to Redmond tomorrow. Woohoo.

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Friday, 26 July, 2002

Spent nearly the entire day working at a client. Paid work! Imagine that! Maybe the economy is turning around.

Cringely’s column this week is on eBay. I did not know that eBay was the third largest retailer in the US.

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Wednesday, 24 July, 2002

The fourth Thursday of the month, and time for the Boston Area FoxPro? Users Group meeting tonight.

No need to sweat Social Security, I guess. The BBC says a huge asteroid will destroy the Earth in 2019. However, they’re quite likely mistaken.

Friday is System Administrator Appreciation Day

Some useful links for DNS stuff:

Daniel J. Bernstein, author of qmail, explains Internet mail wonderfully here.

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Tuesday, 23 July, 2002

A great history of Microsoft at For example, “11/12/90 Bill Gates unveils his vision of the future of computing in his keynote address,”Information at Your Fingertips,”at Fall/COMDEX ’90. ”

How to Run a Microsoft-Free Shop and another 12-step article on advocacy, with some good insights, here.

Bill Gates emailed all his friends, except me. Reaction was not all positive.

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