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Wednesday, 29 May, 2002

Got the mail notification working for the TWiki working after a couple of flubbed attempts. The example “” kept throwing errors, and even a < n o p > didn’t keep it from being parsed. Finally withdrew them from all of the Webs. Forgot the Blog, of course, since it didn’t show up on the list in the upper right. I’ll go fix that now…

Found the key items in the installation FAQs I needed for moving this Twiki to a new machine:

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Tuesday, 28 May, 2002

Struggled until late into the evening with a combobox data binding problem. The combobox would appear with no value when the form requeried, but when clicked on would display the correct selected value. Problem was, the combo was supposed to be disabled on previously entered records. Finally added a WAIT to the Refresh method and it worked. I hate when there is a solution I can’t explain.

Solved the Outlook drag-n-drop problem as soon as I stepped back to look at it. The drag-n-drop is the event to fire the code, but ignore the data. Go back to Outlook and ask for the currently selected records. There’s your data!

Grocery shopping tonight, as yestday was a holiday.

Jim Duffy recommends this book, ISBN:1861004486 for learning SQL Server.

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Sunday, 26 May, 2002

An interesting story of using small claims court to try to collect on overdue writer’s payments:

Spent the day cleaning out the cellar. An ugly job, but rewarding is the outcome.

SlashDot sent me off on an interesting trail through the web starting at Worthy of more study. Short form: Lessig good, MPAA/RIAA/Adkinson bad. But, we knew that. Many. many very worthwhile links from this page, though, including Fascinating commentary, with some really interesting conclusions, like:

cost in a market with piracy will always be less than in a market without piracy

Lessig’s links are surely impressive as well: His thesis in The Future of Ideas, ISBN:0375505784, is that there is a coming Dark Ages of the Information Era, as AOL Time-Warner, Sony-Paramount, Microsoft and the other big media conglomerates take over the web is a pretty chilling conclusion.

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Saturday, 25 May, 2002

Happy Memorial Day weekend.

FoxPro? got one of those all-too-rare mentions on the Microsoft site, in MSDN’s Dr. GUI column. Check it out here.

This site has a great article on creating Cascading Style Sheets that will adequately print the onscreen text. Good stuff. And check out the links from there…

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Friday, 24 May, 2002

Tortured poor Apollo this morning. I had it all set up as a web server, less content, but not yet exposed to the internet. However, I was also setting it up as a SourceOffSite server, but I do not yet have enough licenses for the entire staff. So, I turned it back into a file server, allowing sharing of the SourceSafe data directories (around 2 Gb at this point). It was a little tricky, as there were several places within the interfaces I had to change:

  • Enable the Guest user in Computer Management | Users
  • Enable access over the network for Guest in Security Policies
  • Allow directory access, read/write in the file share properties

Added a bunch of MSKB articles to the WebHome? MSKB and FoxPro? articles. Wish there were an easy way to gather all of them related to VSS and organize and manipulate them locally. I suppose I should install the monthly MSDN Library disks, but they always screw up my machine.

Found the DLL Help Database again – I had lost it for a while. It can be reached at

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