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Sunday, 26 May, 2002

An interesting story of using small claims court to try to collect on overdue writer’s payments:

Spent the day cleaning out the cellar. An ugly job, but rewarding is the outcome.

SlashDot sent me off on an interesting trail through the web starting at Worthy of more study. Short form: Lessig good, MPAA/RIAA/Adkinson bad. But, we knew that. Many. many very worthwhile links from this page, though, including Fascinating commentary, with some really interesting conclusions, like:

cost in a market with piracy will always be less than in a market without piracy

Lessig’s links are surely impressive as well: His thesis in The Future of Ideas, ISBN:0375505784, is that there is a coming Dark Ages of the Information Era, as AOL Time-Warner, Sony-Paramount, Microsoft and the other big media conglomerates take over the web is a pretty chilling conclusion.


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