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Saturday, August 10, 2002

What a surprise. When preparing my notes to be turned in, I discovered the due date was last Monday, not Friday. Ah, well. Hope they’ll still accept them.

This morning, the computer decided to start to a blue screen STOP messages, informing me my computer was not ACPI compliant. Funny, it was compliant yesterday. Like the Microsoft message that tells me “to avoid seeing this message in the future, properly shut down your computer,” this one arrogantly assumes that the problem is mine and not theirs, incorrectly. Rather than reading a TXT (with what?) or installing a new BIOS, as recommended by the page of text I was presented, I reset the computer and restarted without incident. Really!

Visited the State Prison’s store of materials from the wood shop. Saw some really nice pieces of furniture, including several Arts & Crafts style pieces. Once we get some work, we’ll plan on another visit to

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