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Thursday, August 22, 2002

Open Magazine features Twiki software. Glad to see the package getting more play. Looking forward to RSS type features in it.

Lost the data on my Handspring the other day, and maybe this time I should leave it lost. It’s not bad enough to try to keep up with all the software updates and all, but it just dies. Two nights ago at a UG meeting, I used it to write down some important stuff (don’t ask me what – that’s why I wrote it down!). When I turned on the machine it told me it was low on power and should be Hot Synched as soon as possible. Yeah, well, it should have told me that before I left home. It said 8% power, so I used it to write down something, maybe a couple somethings, and turned it off. It’s in a hard shell case, so I doubt it was left on. The next morning I take it out to dutifully hot synch it and… it won’t. I try a couple of times, sometimes the cradle is a little loose. I use the Synch app directly to try to force it to do a local sync. Nada. Hit the cancel button and the unit turns itself off. I turn it on. Cancel button’s still darkened like it is depressed, Mousedown. Off. On. Off. On… fine. I hit the reset key and it turns the screen into a glitter of random pixels. Fine. I put it down for a few hours so I don’t hurl it against the wall. I remove the batteries. I left it there.

Man, life on the bleeding edge hurts some times.

It looks like Robert X. Cringeley has figured out the ASP model in his most recent column. I saw it in action at, and I believe.

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