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Saturday, November 02, 2002

Dan Gillmour: “Microsoft: Freedom to Dominate

Scott Rosenberg: “Money talks, Microsoft Walks

Dave Winer: “There’s no justice in today’s decision.

Boston Globe: “In Silicon Valley, resignation and skepticism

Charles Cooper: “Machiavelli wrote that a prince may never lack legitimate reasons to break his promises

In an interesting “Where are they now?” piece, reports “Key players of antitrust trial: Where did they go?

From the New York Times article:
“There was a fabulous opportunity to free up innovation and choice in the PC and online world,” Mr. Bresnahan [a Stanford professor who served as chief economist in the Justice Department during the Clinton administration] said. “We got about 1 percent or so of that value.”

Oh,oh. Looks like my router might be subject to a DOS attack. However, it requires remote web access, which would be a dumb thing. Here’s the article.

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