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Sunday, November 17, 2002

At the GLGDW conference. I did a three-hour “Introduction to Visual FoxPro?” pre-conference session. Thought it was very well-received. Talked as fast as I could the entire time with only one ten-minute break.

Ken Levy did a great keynote, 45 minutes long. Way to go!

Had the afternoon free to attend sessions. Spent the last session and break working with Mac Rubel troubleshooting his Web Services configuration. Rick Strahl solved the problem almost instantaneously by having him switch from an ISAPI to an ASP listener. Doh! We wasted three hours, but Mac was gracious enough to treat for dinner after the late night session.

At that session, a number of the speakers featured their favorite VFP 8.0 feature. They had two speakers up at once, switching the video connection on the fly, Very smoothly and quickly done. Good session.

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