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Sunday, 08 December, 2002

Rebooted Partition Magic directly off the CD and changed the active partition to the Windows partition, rebooted and was up and running Windows.

The wireless card is not as easy. While I think I can use the generic Orinoco Prism II drivers, ifconfig threw an error on startup that “A278Kearsarge” was not a valid command. There’s an ampersand in the SSID just before that, and I think it’s causing the configuration file to choke. I’ll dig around and see if I can find a work-around.

Well, The Answers Are Out There. They are just so hard to find. Searching for the problem with the ampersand in the SSID was a red herring. Finally found this page with someone else’s experience with this card and this distribution, and it was all following instructions after that.

Besides for hobbiest hacking, I’ve got to do some household things on the weekend, or else I fall hopelessly behind. I had the pleasure of writing Chrismas cards yesterday, and I help re-arrange the living room to make room for a tree we hope to install next weekend. I also set up the outside lights on the one pine tree Steve and I decorated years ago.

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