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Saturday, 14 December, 2002

A new client yesterday, in a real rush to resolved errors with their SourceSafe database. Seems they are getting “Access to file… Loggedin\action.log denied.” The closest I could come to a matching MSKB article was this. indicating a likelihood of a security issue.

Nope, I got blindsided. A very custom installation. They’d turned on journalling, using a UNC path, and it was failing. Worked fine with, um, the other kind of path, whatever they call than, Non-Universal, maybe.

MandrakeSoft has a “Operating System Refugee” discount deal here. Seems like a clever way to get folks to try out the package. Who doesn’t have an OS disk?

Marc Andreessen seems to thing the next IT crisis is upon us. I’m not sure he’s not just selling whatever his company makes.

Dan Bricklin shares insights and hopes about yet another generation of Tablet PCs.

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