Post dated 2002-12-29 00:00:00

Sunday, 29 December, 2002

Spent quite a bit of time with folks on Ed Leafe’s new ProLinux list trying to get Samba set up to serve a file share on my Linux workstation. After a few hours of tweaking, I managed to get the network card to refuse to start at all. Not exactly progress in the right direction.

On-again, off-again. Finally got an error message I could track down here, which lead me to conclude the “easy” way to configure my wireless card was not as reliable as the “hard” way. Of course, the hard way was, well, hard. I had to roll back to the previous kernel because the pre-made RPMs weren’t available for my latest kernel, and I didn’t have the source code installed, nor a clue on how to install it, on my current machine. So much to learn!

But the NIC is running again, and that was enough to get Samba up and running. Go figure!

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