Next: No Bathroom Breaks During Prime Time

Congress wants to outlaw fast-forwarding through commercials. From Engadget:

We thought we lucked out when Senator Orrin Hatch stopped pushing the INDUCE Act, but the RIAA and MPAA are at again, and are trying to push another copyright bill through Congress that does a lot of the same things, like criminalizing copyright infringing file-sharing and punishing anyone who brings a video camera into a movie theatre for recording purposes with up to three years in prison. But there’s another part of the Intellectual Property Protection Act that should perk up your ears (assuming they aren’t already suitably perky). They want to make it illegal to use software or hardware to skip all of those commercials and previews that the studios are placing before the beginnings of movies on DVDs, something which is freaking ridiculous since it’s your DVD playing on your DVD player in your home. How about making it illegal to not pay attention, too?

Link [Alex Feldstein]

Hit for more information on this and to write to your senator protesting this poorly thought out bill.

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