If it’s the second Tuesday, it must be time for Microsoft patches!

“Microsoft issues five bulletins on Windows flaws. Microsoft today released five Security Bulletins warning of several vulnerabilities that put computers running Windows at risk of attack. None are rated “critical,” Microsoft’s highest severity rating.” Source: Computerworld News

The bulletins, MS04-41, MS04-42, MS04-43, MS04-44, MS04-45 are somehow listed as “important” rather than “critical despite the fact that the compromises can “allow remote code execution,” “elevation of privileges” and denial of service. I’d hate to see what “really, really important” meant!

Also note that Microsoft “re-released” MS04-28, version 2, where a problem in GDI+ and JPEG processing can affect nearly every recent application, including Visual FoxPro 8.0. Shouldn’t a three-month lag between release and update qualify the sequel of the original security announcement for its own number? Not in Microsoft twisted logic, apparently. Make sure your systems are patched up to date!

It’s the 51st week of the year.


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