Archive | December 31, 2004

Web site screen scraper to RSS feed

There are a few web sites I like to keep track of that don’t yet have RSS feeds. Check out, a web site and service that will generate an RSS feed from a web page for free. There are options to sponser the RSS feed and add in some editorial control, at pretty reasonable prices.

End of the year prognostications

Jon Udell cites 2004 as the Year of the Enterprise Wiki.

Alan Zeichick thinks “The enterprise software acronym of the year must be SOA (service-oriented architecture).”

Mary Jo Foley points out that Friday Is D-Day for NT 4.0 Server. Now really. NT 4.0 is no longer going to be supported by Microsoft. How will we be able to tell? Most businesses are served by consultants who will continue to support it as long as the client pays Since it’s closed software, bugs won’t get fixed, and the platform needs to be abandoned. But which platform do you migrate to? The one from the vendor that just stranded you? MJF points to a Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols that suggests (what else?) Linux is a good alternative.

Whatever comes next, it’s always proven to be a fun business. Hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am.

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