CentraLUG meeting, March 7th: Webrick, LinuxWorld wrap-up

David Berube, our fearless leader, posts: Monday, March 7th – Webrick and Linux World. CentraLUG is having another great meeting on Monday March 7th, and this time, we’ll be covering Webrick, a powerful system for easily creating custom webservers in Ruby. With Webrick, it’s easy to drop a full webserver into any application. We’ll also have a brief recap of LinuxWorld. Per usual, there will be copius amounts of free caffeine.

It’s at the NHTI. You can get directions on the NHTI site: http://www.nhti.net/frames_Map.html. It’s in the Library/Learning Center/Bookstore, marked as “I” on that map. The room is 146, and it starts at 7:00.

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