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Mike Stewart leaves the Fox team

Whil Hentzen blogs: Mike Stewart leaves the Fox team Many of you know Mike as the test lead for Fox, as well as an incredible motorcyclist, and general all-around ‘characters’ at DevCon and other Fox events. While the leadership of the group has changed multiple times over the last decade, the list of players on the team has been remarkably steady, so it’s sad to see one of them go, and even sadder when there’s no explanation – the headline of this entry is all the explanation we’ve seen so far… read more

Good fortune and godspeed, Mike.

CentraLUG meeting, March 7th: Webrick, LinuxWorld wrap-up

David Berube, our fearless leader, posts: Monday, March 7th – Webrick and Linux World. CentraLUG is having another great meeting on Monday March 7th, and this time, we’ll be covering Webrick, a powerful system for easily creating custom webservers in Ruby. With Webrick, it’s easy to drop a full webserver into any application. We’ll also have a brief recap of LinuxWorld. Per usual, there will be copius amounts of free caffeine.

It’s at the NHTI. You can get directions on the NHTI site: It’s in the Library/Learning Center/Bookstore, marked as “I” on that map. The room is 146, and it starts at 7:00.

IBM ‘hypervisor’ software makes stealth debut

“Big Blue enters market for software that lets a computer run multiple operating systems simultaneously, CNET has learned.” [CNET] And it looks like IBM is very interested in sharing the technology, releasing it as open source and collaborating with the separate Xen project.

Virtualization was big news at LinuxWorld last week, as this article also on CNET news.

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