Getting Flat and the Tyranny of the Bell Curve

The Doc Searls Weblog posts Flattening out. “Getting Flat, Part 2 completes my long essay for Linux Journal on Tom Friedman‘s The World is Flat. (Here’s Part 1. …. Most of what I write in Part 2 isn’t about Tom Friedman. It’s about the boat anchor we call the bell curve, and why continuing to shape kids with it is The West’s worst handicap in a flattened world… In case you haven’t noticed, my life has been one long fight against the bell curve. I recount some of that in the piece as well.”

What starts out as a review (and many links to a pan) of a “new paradigm of the month” book turns into a touching, intensely personal and insightful complaint against the prejudices of the bell curve. Well worth reading and contemplating.

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