Archive | May 2, 2005

Happy Birthday, Dave!

I read Scripting News for a while before I knew what a blog was, nor that there was an entire software field that had blossomed around the idea of journals and RSS. I read it because I enjoyed Dave’s opinions and insight, and I still do. Happy 50th, Dave. What’s the plan for the next half-century?

FireFox to include native SVG support

Slashdot posts “Firefox 1.1 Plans Native SVG Support. Spy Hunter writes “The Scalable Vector Graphics format has yet to take off on the web, perhaps due to a small installed base of SVG-enabled browsers. That could soon change as the latest Firefox 1.1 nightly builds have started coming with native SVG support compiled in and enabled by default. If this feature makes into the Firefox 1.1 release (which is not certain, but likely, as the developers want it to happen) it will increase the number of web users who have an SVG renderer installed. But perhaps more interesting than that is the possibility of mixing SVG graphic elements directly into the markup of regular XHTML pages, freeing vector graphics from the small rectangle of a browser plugin and opening up a host of exciting new possibilities for web developers. This is enabled by the integration of SVG directly into the Gecko rendering engine, instead of as a browser plugin. With such a useful web developer feature available only in Firefox, could we soon start seeing websites asking their users to download Firefox to get the best browsing experience?”

Exciting news! I’ve always been a fan of using graphs for presenting information, and SVG has a lot of nice features. Lauren Clarke has a presentation on using SVG with Visual FoxPro here

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