Okay, so it Just Works, only maybe with a few glitches

Still delighted with all of the new toys that Tiger has brought to my iMac. However, I’ve had a chance to run more of the apps I have installed and have run into a couple of glitches: Fugu, a free SCP client I mentioned here needed an upgrade to run under Tiger. Note that Apple seems to keep a pretty tight rein on their beta sites with NDAs until the product has actually shipped. NetNewsWire 1.0.8’s preference page seems to be broken, but I haven’t chased that one down yet, and think it’s time I ought to get on the 2.0 beta, anyway. And Radio Userland is reporting that my web backup is failing to back up my May posts, for some reason. Also pursuing that with the Radio staff. Whether or not these are Tiger related or messed up because I “fixed file permissions” or because we had a thunderstorm two days ago is still to be determined. Still, no major glitches – mail, Safari and NeoOffice/J are rocking along. More as I figure it out…

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