Bricklin’s WikiCalc: Very Cool

Andrew MacNeill – AKSEL Solutions posts “Just saw this over on zdNet but then wanted to try it out.

I think David may be right when he talks about the potential of what this could do.

Wikis aren’t just for group blogging or information – now you’ve got a live application for it as well.”

Wikis are a great way for collaborative effort at building up knowledge online. Witness the mother-of-all wikis at WikiPedia. But each of the hundreds of wiki software packages out there has its own markup language, or worse, no language at all. With Dan Bricklin’s WikiCalc, we have a demonstration of a rich client app that can lock, read, edit and write formatted material and then publish it to a web site. The software is at version zero-point-one alpha stage, but the concepts are cool. Check it out.

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