Doc: Saving the Net

Doc’s at it again. Years ago, he pointed out that the ClueTrain was leaving the station, this time he posts a call to arms in Saving the Net. Required Reading.

Saving the Net from the pipeholders.

I’ve spent much of the last two weeks writing an essay that just went up at Linux Journal: Saving the Net: How to Keep the Carriers from Flushing the Net Down the Tubes. It’s probably the longest post I’ve ever put up on the Web. It’s certainly the most important. And not just to me.

I started writing it after a recent surprise visit by David Isenberg to Santa Barbara. He’s the one who got me Ö and, I hope, us Ö going.

I finished writing it yesterday after David Berlind published three excellent pieces, which I highly recommend reading, and acting upon.

For guidance during the rest of this thing (whether they knew it or not), I also want to thank David Weinberger, Dave Winer, Steve Gillmor, Kevin Werbach, Cory Doctorow, Don Marti, Richard M. Stallman, Eric S. Raymond, Susan Crawford, Larry Lessig, John Palfrey, Chris Nolan, Jeff Jarvis, Craig Burton, Andrew Sullivan, Dean Landsman, Matt Welch, George Lakoff, Om Malik, J.D. Lasica, Virginia Postrel, Esther Dyson, Micah Sifry, John Perry Barlow, The EFF, the Berkman Center, the Personal Democracy Forum and others I’m overlooking but will fill in later when I have the time.

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