Adam Green: Web Explosion in 2006

Over at Scripting News, Dave Winer points to Adam Green’s blog. Yes, dBASE fans, that Adam Green, Check out Adam’s blog and bio link for an update on what he’s been up to. Dave says “Adam Green says that 2006 is the year the web will explode. Interesting theory, hope it’s not true, because when Google tries to host my content, how much you want to bet they’ll also change what I say by adding links to things they like (for example ads) and removing unnecssary links (for example, the ones I put there). And maybe if I write a post that talks about Eric Schmidt’s hometown (I think it’s Atherton) that somehow magically that post won’t appear. Or, perhaps my site won’t be included at all, by some mysterious algorithm (like Google News) not deemed worthy of inclusion. Hey it’s just one guy writing it, after all. This would be a very bad development, so bad it should be made illegal, quickly, before they actually do it.”

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