Over at Shedding Some Light, Rick Schummer posts: IIS Dead in the Water “Dead as a doornail. Less useful than a pet rock. Internet Information Services (IIS) v5.1 on my Windows XP Professional SP2 (all the latest patches) development box has decided to take a holiday break. Normally this would not be a big deal, but I use it every darn single day to access the OpenWiki running on my machine and Fog Creek’s FogBugz for my bug tracking.”

Bummer, Rick. Fastest solution is to make a good backup and/or image, blow it away and start again. Anything short of that just prolongs the agony.

UPDATE: Rick’s up and running 18 hours later thanks to a pointer from Craig Boyd. Anyone tracking the Fox community on-line needs to be tkeeping an eye on Craig as well as Rick. These guys are doing some great stuff.

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