Archive | December 27, 2005

Apple DRM: Lose your music, buy it again. And again.

There’s been a recent flap about iTunes and iPods losing all their content and the ugliness of it all. The ugly underside of Digital Restriction Management is epitomized by this Apple support web page:

Otherwise, if your hard disk becomes damaged or you lose any of the music you’ve purchased, you’ll have to buy any purchased music again to rebuild your library.

So, let’s make this clear: the oxymoron Intellectual Property means their property, not yours, their rights to sell you the same thing multiple times, not your freedom to do what you wish with your purchases. Unacceptable terms for me. Digital Restriction Management that prevents a legitimate, innocent user from time-, space- or device-shifting content they have purchased must not be allowed to succeed. Pirates won’t respect them. If Congress and the industry try to ban Fair Use, only criminals will enjoy the new digital freedoms. This is insane.

You Are What You Read

Check out Tag Cloud, a web site that processes RSS feeds and graphically displays the interesting tags found. Here’s my first attempt at a cloud, based on my RSS feeds, as feed to via mySubscriptions.opml:

[UPDATE] Apparently TagCloud started out as a lark, a non-profit toying around. While it was neat for a short period, it was overwhelmed by popularity and shutdown.

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