PySIG: 26-Oct-2006 SciTE, meld, subversion, lambda expressions

Bill Sconce announces:

The monthly meeting of PySIG, the New Hampshire Python Special Interest Group, happens on the fourth Thursday of the month, starting at 7:00 PM. Beginners' session starts at 6:30 PM. Bring a Python question!

At this meeting we'll begin the often-requested “Python development
series”, with the specific topics of source-code differencing (using
meld – an excellent development tool in its own right, written in
Python!), how to integrate tools such as meld into the SciTE editor.
In other words, one way to start complementing and moving beyond the
interactive Python window. Time permitting, we'll demonstrate similar
integration of revision control: Subversion checkins and Subversion
diffs. Presented by Bill Sconce (recovering Eclipse user).

Kent's Korner (Module of the Month) will be lambda expressions, hosted
this month by Mr. Python, Lloyd Kvam of Venix Corp.

The full announcement can be found here

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