Archive | October 27, 2006

Ubuntu releases Edgy Eft

LXer points to Ubuntu 6.10 Released. “The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the release of Ubuntu 6.10, codenamed “Edgy Eft”. This release includes both installable Desktop CDs and alternate text-mode installation CDs for several architectures.”

Just when you thought you had caught up! Now, unlike some other OS platforms, this doesn't mean you have to drop what you are doing and try to switch to a new OS. Edgy is evolutionary and not revolutionary. News GUIs are add-ons to existing ones. Most packages are updates that you can get for your existing OS. The Ubuntu folks have stated that the last version, 6.06, “Dapper Drake” is the “Long Term Support” version, so the intent is the next couple with be edgier, more beta-like versions. So, if you want to play with cutting edge stuff, Edgy Eft is for you. If you want the staid and stable version, stick with the Drake.

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