Archive | January 29, 2007

Hauppauge shipping wrong card in PVR-150 boxes

Passing on a warning from the GNHLUG mailing list: at least at, folks are reporting that when they buy a PVR-150, a card for capturing video off cable, they’re ending up with a different card in the box, one that’s not compatible with current PVR-150 software. At our MerriLUG meeting 11 days ago, we had Jarod Wilson presenting on MythTV and the PVR-150 got prominent mention. It’s been on sale recently in on of the Big Boxes. Perhaps it’s being discontinued? In any case, the manufacturer needs to make good on what they claim is in their boxes. Hopefully, this is just a packaging issue.

Followup: nope, it appears to be intentional by Hauppauge. There’s an entry in their Wikipedia page referring to this, and a quick Google shows that this is a known issue on the site and the ivtv-users mailing list. Very disappointing behavior. Caveat emptor.

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