Fedora Board Q&A

Thanks again to BU staff and to gregdek for making this happen.

Reviewing other SotU speeches, Max Spevak presented the Fedora State of the Union. The Axis of Evil: Redmond, RIAA/MPAA and any reasonable large technology company located on the isle of Man. 2nd: a voucher program: one badge entitles one to one FUDPub drink. 3rd: a large budgetary expenditure with no clear goal and no endpoint. “We shall send a Fedora Hacker to the moon.”

What’s my job at RedHat: To oversee all the moving parts of Fedora. Community building whenever we can. External community strong than it was. Internal community building within RedHat: part of the effort is educating what Fedora is within RedHat. Sometimes it appears to run slower in-house than the outer community would wish. Transparency has been another big deal. Working hard to make that better. Private e-mail and chats still happen. The Fedora Board is a big part of that.

Big round of applause for Thorsten Leeman (sp?), leader of Fedora Extras.

Review of last year’s goal:

1. External commits to Fedora Core: moved Core into Extras and renamed it Core. Success!
2. “Fedora Media Project” – Thomas Chung, Fedora Weekly News
3. Fedora Ship-It project: volunteers burning media and mailing it at their own expenses.
4. Fedora Infrastructure: a wild ride. Eliot Lee made that all happen a year ago. He’s moved on to Lulu. Dennis Warren, Mike McGrath, Warren Togami and… missed it.. kept the project running, MM starts working for RH next week.

Results: Punji can build an image customizable to thei needs of the consumers. “Throw some RPMs at it, it dep-solves everything and you get the image you want.” may be too optimistic. Let the KDE group own of the community image of KDE-Fedora?

“I think of Fedora as the conscience of RedHat.”

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