Archive | February 7, 2007

MonadLUG meets tomorrow night: Joomla! and uniq

MonadLUG meets tomorrow night, 7 PM at the SAU1 offices in Peterborough (directions here). The Man Page of the Month will be uniq, presented by Raymond Cote. The MPOM have been very successful: one volunteer takes a few minutes to talk about a single command. Nearly all of the presenters have included a double-sided handout with command reference and some illustrative real-world examples. It gives attendees a chance to share their experiences and observations and I never fail to hear “I didn’t know it could do THAT.”

The main presentation will be on Joomla! by Guy Pardoe. Joomla! is a content management system based on LAMP and fairly easy to install, configure and maintain. An active developer base, support forum and a huge user manual make basic operations pretty approachable. I’ll be interested in hearing Guy’s insights.

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