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Microsoft’s Tuesday the 13th Security Bulletin

Title: Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for March 2007
Issued: March 13, 2007
Version Number: 1.0
Bulletin Summary:


Microsoft has not released any security bulletins on March 13, 2007.

Wow. Imagine that. Division by zero.

Seacoast LUG: OpenWrt, 9-April-2007

Ben Scott announces the April meeting of the Seacoast (New Hampshire) Linux User Group, a presentation on OpenWRT:

  • Who : Ben Scott
  • What : OpenWrt – LinkSys firmware enhancements
  • Where: Room 301, Morse Hall, UNH, Durham, NH
  • Date : Monday 9 April 2007
  • Time : 7:00 PM to 9ish

For the April 2007 SLUG/Seacoast/UNH/Durham meeting, Ben Scott will be presenting on OpenWrt and related tools. The focus will be on initial installation and configuration, and a general survey of capabilities, rather than a specific application. A live demo is planned.

OpenWrt is “a Linux distribution for embedded devices”. In particular, it is commonly used as third-party firmware for the popular LinkSys WRT54G line of SOHO routers. OpenWrt provides a modular system for customizing the firmware (embedded software) for such devices. It can add everything from SSH to VPN to VoIP and more.

In addition to the OpenWrt base package, X-Wrt and WebIf^2 will also be covered. X-Wrt is a set of additional/updated packages for OpenWrt, which provide even more enhancements, with a particular focus on end-user experience. In particular, it provides WebIf^2, an advanced web user interface for OpenWrt.

Ben will bring a LinkSys WRT54G device running stock firmware, and attempt to demonstrate the whole process of installing and configuring OpenWrt and X-Wrt. Come see Ben tempt the Live Demo Gods!

SLUG is the Seacoast Linux User Group, and is a chapter of GNHLUG, the Greater NH Linux User Group. Rob Anderson is the SLUG coordinator. SLUG meets the second Monday of every month, same time, same place. Meetings take place starting at 7:00 PM. Meetings are open to all. The meeting proper ends around 9ish, but it’s not uncommon to find hangers-on there until 10 or later. They take place in Room 301 (the third floor conference room), of Morse Hall, at the University of New Hampshire, in Durham.

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