What I’m listening to…

July has found me working out more often and more consistently. One of the big challenges with staying on an exercise machine is the tedium. It is boring. I’ve found audiocasts have helped me pass the time, occupy my mind and make me feel the time spent is more worthwhile. This month and last, I’ve listened to:

  • The keynote presentations from the RedHat Summit 2007
  • Nearly all the videos from the RedHat site
  • Several weekly Technometria audiocasts
  • David Weinberger on ‘Everything is Miscellaneous
  • Chris Lydon interview David Weinberger
  • David Weinberger interviewed Cory Doctorow
  • Several Boston PHP meetings
  • The Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council’s Open Source Summit presentations (thanks Dan Bricklin!), including discussions on GPL3, the OLPC, Lightning Presentations, and more.

I’ll plug them any chance I get: the GigaVox network has some of the best, most interesting, high-quality audiocasts for techies on the web. I’m a contributing member and I encourage you to do the same.

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