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CentraLUG, August 6th, Special Location: Roger Trussel, Building FireFox Extensions

The monthly meeting of CentraLUG, the Concord/Central New Hampshire
chapter of the Greater New Hampshire Linux Users Group, occurs on the
first Monday of each month starting at 7 PM. Due to summer hours at the
NHTI Library, we will be meeting at the Sybase offices, 6 Loudon Road,
Suite 501, Concord, thanks to member (and Sybase employee) Larry Cook.

DIRECTIONS: From Interstate 93, take exit 14 and head east over the
Merrimack River. Immediately after the bridge, take the first right.
Drive straight back to the cornfield, then turn right and then right
again to get to the south end of the building. Walk around the building
to the right to come in the front (east) entrance. Take the elevator to
the fifth floor. Straight off the elevator is Sybase. Enter and turn
left. At the end of the hallway is the conference room.

Google Map:

Open to the public. Free admission. Tell your friends.

Roger Trussell will present a session on building Firefox extensions.
Firefox extensions are small zipped blocks of code that add new
functionality to Firefox, from a simple toolbar button to a completely
new feature. Extensions allow Firefox to stay small and unbloated.
Extensions give content providers another way to make certain features
more accessible to their end-users. We will see some quick examples of
how to build extensions for Firefox 2.x using XML and JavaScript. We
will also see a demonstration of some useful extensions available for
web content developers.

Roger Trussell is a programmer with over five years of experience in a
variety of support roles for health care, software, research, and
manufacturing environments. He has worked at many companies throughout
the Upper Valley such as DHMC, isee systems, inc. (formally known as
High Performance Systems, Inc.), and Timken Aerospace. Roger holds a
Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute in Troy NY. One of Roger’s main interests is
bridging the gap between programmers and end-users. He has worked on
software installer technology and he has worked in end-user support roles.

More details at about this meeting and the group are available at and as I learn them!

Hope to see you there!

Nothing is Trivial – Rick Strahls Web Log

Rick Strahl blogs Nothing is Trivial:

I got a call from a customer last week who needed a small piece of work done that he defined as Trivial. Ok, trivial can be good – quickie in and out and youre done, but usually when I hear the word trivial I always cringe because it rarely is.

“How hard can it be?” or “we’ve got a straight-forward issue to resolve here” are also indications that the client with doesn’t understand the complexity of the problem, is trying to minimize his cost or is trying to avoid admitting they have no idea how to solve the problem. By the time most companies get around to calling in a consultant, they have probably tried every other alternative. I recall speaking with a fellow consultant about an assignment where he was just amazed at the complexity of the problem, the procedural mess the client had gotten themselves into, the political morass of any solution, the band-aids, baling wire and duct tape holding together the current solution. Why else would they be willing to pay his rates? If it was easy, they would have fixed it themselves.

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