MerriLUG, 20-Sept-2007: Styles

Jim Kuzdrall, announcement coordinator for MerriLUG, gets to announce himself as the featured speaker this month at MerriLUG:

  1. Who : Jim Kuzdrall, Intrel Service Company
  2. What : Introduction to OO styles and some handy simplifications
  3. Where: Martha’s Exchange
  4. Day : Thur 20 Sep **Next Week**
  5. Time : 6:00 PM for grub, 7:30 PM for discussion

Overwhelmed by formatting choices in OpenOffice Writer? Continually fiddling with formatting that never comes up quite right for your present document? Help is on the way! A diagrammatic overview of the OO style system is the first step. Why are they needed? Where do they reside? How do they interact? Should the defaults be changed? How do templates come in? What are the “Gotchas”? Next, a different approach to style management deftly cuts the styles and templates down to an easy-to-use few. Once you create your small set of custom styles and templates you will rarely revisit formatting details again. (Yes, the scheme evolved from roff macros.)

Driving directions here.

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