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Professional Ruby Conference, Voices That Matter, Boston

Join Me at the Professional Ruby Voices That Matter Conference

Join Me at the Professional Ruby Voices That Matter Conference

Join Me at the Professional Ruby Voices That Matter Conference in Boston November 17 – 20! Fellow NHRuby SIG members (and reknowned book authors and gurus) Nick Plante and David Berube will be among the many knowledgeable speakers. There’s an early bird discount good through October 6th and members of Ruby groups should check with their leaders for an additional discount deal (hint, leaders: contact the conference organizers if they haven’t given you one, already). A good time should be had by all. I hope we don’t get any early-season blizzards, as I’ll be commuting.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I was the lucky attendee who won a free admission at last Tuesdays NH Ruby conference.

Do you really want to install software from a psycho?

Well, like you can really tell. I hear some of the current software vendors throw chairs around in tantrums.

But I’ve been struggling to get VMWare 1.07 to work with my Fedora 8 installation on my main development laptop. A kernel update, sorely need to address some outstanding security issues, required that the proprietary kernel modules for VMWare be regenerated and installed as well, and I was running into a glitch that all the Googling in the world didn’t seem to yield an answer to.

Finally, I found a clue on the Fedora support forums, suggesting I download the latest patch to the VMWare source from and sure enough, I’m up and running again.

Ruby/Rails SIG tonight: tripleheader!

Scott Garman posts a reminder message that tonight’s Ruby/Rails SIG meeting will be a special meeting: three presenters on three topics, and some awesome door prizes: Brian Turnbull on HTTP, Scott Garman on VPS, and Nick Plante on git. There will also be discounts for Linode, a raffle for free admission to the Voices that Matter Ruby 2008 conference in Boston, and perhaps Nick will even bring copies of his new book (with David Berube), Practical Rails Plugins. A meeting not to be missed!

EBM better than ABM!

I was listening the FLOSS weekly podcast of Perl monger extrodinaire Randal Schwartz interviewing Jan Lehnardt about CouchDB, a free-form, non-relational database. CouchDB is built by Damien Katz, one of the originators of Notes and a developer currently employed by IBM. The CouchDB project is hosted by the Apache Foundation. Jan mentioned that his projects include “Everything But Microsoft” meaning that his software was running on Linux and BSD, Debian and RedHat and Ubuntu and CentOS and the Unixes and OS X. I found that a much more inclusive and open way of looking at development than “Anything But Microsoft” that’s often portrayed as a irrational and zealous rejection of anything Microsoft. For those who like to put a positive spin on things, I think that EBM beats ABM by a long shot.

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