The Last of the Cockers of Contoocook

Picture of the late Max

Max supervising the office from his window bench

We said goodbye to an old friend this morning. Max lived to the grand old age of 15½, a hundred and eight in people years. He was the last of the Cockers of Contoocook:

In fifteen and a half years, Max accumulated a fair share of stories. He was a whiz at attention classes, getting clicker training almost immediately. In dog agility, he was wickedly fast on the ‘dogwalk’ but never got the weave poles. Ted mistakenly messed with his food one day and got a valuable lesson in dog handling, along with four stitches. Max was a regular at the veterinarian, where he more than once was the subject of back-office chatter. He survived and rebounded from a splenectomy, multiple lumpectomies, the mange, and an emergency surgery or two.

He was a character. He was always a wilful dog, but with a good heart. He stoutly defended his house, his yard and his people against all possible threats, be it the UPS man or the boy cutting through the backyard on his bicycle. He enjoyed his walks in the park.

Max lived well. We are better for having known him, and we shall miss him.

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